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The best to ever do it sounds like a farfetched goal for some, but not for the auspicious, styling brand known as Olori Swank. Yes she is a brand, an entity if you will, simply a force to be reckoned with. The blue-haired beauty who graduated from the University of Georgia (UGA) with honors, in Biology, Psychology, Pre-Med, is now formulating new meaning to what it means to style. Anyone can do it, not many can do it the way she does.

Her fashion story is one that demonstrates walking into what's meant for you, while being immaculately dressed from head to toe, of course. She recalls how it all began here, "I had just graduated from UGA. I decided to take a year break before attending medical school. In that off year, I met Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright, Jr., (the V.P of A&R at Jive Records at the time), who became something like a big brother and mentor to me. One day he says: ‘Hey Olori, I just signed this new artist to Jive. I want you to style her.’ My immediate reply was: ‘I don’t do hair.’ He replied: ‘I’m not talking about hair. I’m talking about her wardrobe. Just dress her like how you dress.’” She agreed and literally an hour later the accounting department of the label, (Sony Music Entertainment – formerly Sony BMG), was calling and asking for all kinds of things she had no clue about. They wanted her Tax ID, EIN number, an account number, and routing numbers to wire a budget. They wanted invoices and a bunch of other particulars. She literally had to figure out the business side of styling as she went along. “I wasn’t privileged enough to intern or assist anyone. It was like taking an independent study course in the fashion styling business, and my instructor was life,” she shares.  Nothing beats on the job training, for Olori Swank being thrown in the unknown world of styling allowed her to quickly rise to the top.

She is called on by the likes of Keyshia Cole, T.I, Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover), Antoine Bethea (Indianapolis Colts), Daniel Gibson (Cleveland Cavaliers), and Lance Gross, to lend her one of kind styling sense and skill set. Past clientele include Angela Simmons, Dawn Richard (Diddy Dirty Money), Tyrese, Christina Milian, Hosea Chanchez, Teyanna Taylor, Karrueche Tran, and R.L. (from Next). The list is sure to expand and cover various notable names in the entertainment, political, and business world.

While the journey has been amazing, it has also taught her a lot about people, business, and life. Olori remains centered and encouraged as she not only creates new looks, but new visions for herself. “I draw motivation from my strong will to win and my will to always be improving as an individual.  I believe my only competition is the person I was yesterday. What everyone else around me is doing doesn’t distract me. I just want to be better today than I was yesterday,” is how she puts it.

Still she finds the time to share her insight and wit on her fashion blog,, and as the Fashion Director for Kraze Magazine. The ambition and hustle she has is an inspiration to many. In a few short years, Olori Swank has redesigned the fashion industry. The years to come are for her taking. Look out, get ready, and please dress accordingly, or call on Olori to get it done right.



Written By: Tawni Fears (The Tawni Logues)

Image Shot By: Lance Gross