[Guest Blogger] Top Model, Bianca Golden: Top 10 must haves for Summer '10

Calling all fashionistas!!!!!! Our season is finally here. Time to get out of the gym and show the results of  your winter workouts! Now that the hard work is done let’s get to my favorite part: the shopping 

Here are my favorite trends for Summer 2010:

The best way to stand out in a crowd is to demand attention and the best way to do that is being as bright as you can be!  My favorite way to do it without taking it overboard is: 

1. Bright Nail Polish and Bright Lip Stick.
Nothing says look at me better than Shirelle on your nails and Morange on your lips and you can find both at Mac.

I know change is sometimes scary but here is a way to bring it back to that classic look that we have grown to love: 

2. A pair of classic sunglasses… nothing compliments your face and shows how much of a fashionista you truly are like a pair of Rayban Classic Aviators.
I know how beautiful our skin looks when its sun kissed but we should also be aware of the dangers of the sun and how we can avoid it but still get the look we want. I recommend: 

3. A good bottle of sun block for your skin type when your out in the sun, during your down time you can use a self tanner to achieve that radiant glow.
Moving on to the must have clothing of the summer… I’m always in support of a cool summer trend. My favorite this summer is the; 

4. Cropped t-shirt. They are reasonably priced (well they should be considering your only purchasing half a shirt. LOL) and you can find them at American Apparel, H&M, Forever 21 or you can find some of your old t-shirts and crop them to achieve the same look for less.

6. Sun dress. You can never go wrong with a beautiful fitted sundress or a classic Maxi dress ladies.
Now what have we been in the gym working so hard to fit into?

7. Bathing suits!! I’m going to opt out of a typical bathing suit and suggest mixing and matching. Take a solid top and mix it with patterned bikini bottoms. Summer fashion is about having fun and why not do it at the beach to show off that body you’ve been working so hard to keep in shape. GO FOR IT LADIES !!!!!! And nothing is sexier than self-confidence to boot!

There used to be a time when we could once only use these for the beach but I’m a big fan of;  

8. BIG bags! You should always have a fun bag that can transition from one situation to the next.

    While we’re on the topic of bags, you should definitely have the must have accessory of the summer to put in it.

9. The iPhone 4 is the hottest phone and has everyone in a frenzy. Staying hip to all the latest trends definitely gives you fashionista points in my book.

Now that you know all the trends and have everything ready to go, don’t allow me to hold you up from a fun night on the town. Have a great summer and on your way out the door don’t forget to splash on a dab of; 

10) Chloe perfume. It will have every guy attracted to your scent and every woman dying to ask you what you are wearing! Have fun, stay cool and be sure to look and feel fabulous!



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