"A Lesson in SWANK" recap.

This past weekend was the Ultimate Fashion Experience for aspiring stylists from all over the U.S. Various up and coming fashion stylists traveled to ATL to receive a lesson in SWANK; presented and instructed by Celebrity Stylists Olori SWANK, and Renaldo Nehemiah

The Workshop was a three day series, beginning Friday at 12pm and wrapping up Sunday at 6pm. Day One conveyed "The Business" of fashion styling. Olori and Renaldo began with the different types of styling and jobs, showing the differences in editorial and wardrobe styling. They also discussed the full process of styling, including how to prep for a job, shopping, fittings, building contacts and the must haves of the “Stylist Kit”. They presented the good and the bad by sharing their personal experiences from styling for various celebrities, and proving that dedication, patience, and tough skin is required to be successful in this field.

Day Two covered "The Fundamentals" of fashion and styling; beginning with the history of fashion dating back to the 12th century in Europe, and finishing in the present. "The Fundamentals" also included top fashion icons and designers to know, proper pronunciation of designer brands and names, trend forecasting, and tailoring. Olori and Renaldo discussed how to stay ahead of the game in the constant changing world of fashion, and demonstrated that confidence is the hottest accessory to tote. 

The last session of the series was "The Portfolio." On day three, the stylists received a full photo shoot to style two looks and use their own creative direction. The portfolio segment was shot by Celebrity Fashion Photographer Allen Cooley; and models, hair stylists, makeup artists, garments, shoes, and accessories were all provided for the Stylist to take full advantage of. Olori and Renaldo were also on hand offering professional styling tips and ideas. 

It’s needless to say that this was truly the Ultimate Fashion Lesson; provided by your favorite fashion connect …SWANK! Follow @lessoninSWANK for info on future workshops and portfolio building opportunities.

Fashionably Late,

B. Lamar