For years I've been happily dealing with the uncontrollable stares from randoms enthralled with this alluring magical mohawk I have.  It draws so much attention that I've literally become oblivious to it and am only reminded when the person I'm with expresses their shock at how people can gawk at it for hours and not even blink.  Due to the attention I've already been garnering as a result of my hair, I've always erred on the side of conservative when it came to everything else.  

More recently though, I have been experimenting with my nails; and now when those same randoms get the strength to move their eyes away from my hair they go straight to my nails.  This is great word-of-mouth advertising for my nail tech; but horrible for my anxiety levels as a self proclaimed germaphobe.  ...I hate people touching my hands & u can imagine how these nails would make for a not-so-pleasant experience. LOL. Regardless of which, nails are my new thing. I love switching them up.

Here are the various nail choices I've had for the month of March. 

Minx + Crackle Nails
all my nails get painted with my signature SWANK blue on the underside
Minx + Crackle
Multicolored Crackle Nails
Multicolored Crackle Nails
All Minx w. Signature SWANK blue under

My nails are done by the ever so creative, Lisa As-Sing.  If you are in the Atlanta area, hit her up at 404.803.5479. Tell her SWANK sent you and you want the #teamSWANK hookup. LOL