SWANK Work: Minnesota Vikings Linebacker, Jasper Brinkley

Yesterday morning's call time was to style one of my favorite linebackers, Jasper Brinkley. Singlehandedly the only reason why I cheer for the Vikings ...well, him and grandpa Brett, of course, Jasper is always a pleasure to work with (...he paid me to say that. ...J/K).  

The 5 look photo shoot was a breeze. I love the fact that Jasper always trusts my eye and doesn't make my life hell by trying to play stylist (...some clients can drive you nuts if you're not careful).  He loves shoes, and is obsessed with Gucci; so of course we had to have GREAT sneaker options.

Random shot of pieces from my kit
 It was equally a pleasure to be working with one of my favorite photogs, Allen Cooley. He's my go-to guy for everything! ...He shot clean, commercial images of Jasper in-studio. I can't wait to see the final product.

T.I.T.S Brand always sends me the dopest garments for my clients. Below you can see Jasper in the: Sunday Wifey tee.  It's one of my faves. Hopefully the NFL gets this lockout situation handled ASAP. #randomSIDEBAR

The shoes were a definitely a hit on set. Everybody loved them! The purple pair above in particular caused quite a stir.  For those wondering what they are, they are the Air Jordan Prime 5 in grape.  

Below are a few more random BTS snaps. Stay tuned for a future post with the actual images from the shoot.