SWANK Work: Alexis Jordan "Hush Hush"

Friday & Saturday (4.8.11 & 4.9.11), I was hired to style Roc Nation Artist, Alexis Jordan with my Fashion Stylist homie, Renaldo Nehemiah.  I was excited about it because it was another opportunity for me to work with one of my favorite directors, Clifton Bell.  Renaldo already had a general idea of the direction he wanted to take Alexis in for the video; so my input in the video was going to be a cake walk; a eureka idea here and I'd be good .....or at least that's what I thought.

Alexis Jordan in the size Large vest I converted to an X-Small using 50 safety pins
This video turned out to be a perfect example of putting your true styling talents to the test.  Wardrobe styling is a lot more than just picking out a cute outfit, or a statement piece.  Renaldo did a fitting with Alexis the night before Day 1 of the shoot so all we had to do was show up to set and make sure the garments looked right on screen. When Alexis arrived to set that morning she proceeded to inform us that she wanted bright and colorful options instead of the dark, edgy ones she stated the night before. It's actually quite common for artists (or creative talent in general) to have an idea one day and have a totally different one the next.  Although it put us in a high stress position, we weren't stressed out because as working stylists, Renaldo & I were use to it.    

So, here he and I were on set at 10:45am with essentially no clothes (since the entire rack was all black) for a 3 look video that was set to start shooting in a hour.  There's no such thing as "May I have a little more time to find more clothes?" or anything like that. From the director & producers point of view, the video needs to be on schedule. They cannot be paying the entire production overtime because the wardobe stylist didn't have the looks ready in time.  So here came the true test. How were two of the best stylists in the city going to make something out of nothing? 

Renaldo & I hopped in the car and rushed over to Little 5 Points.  I immediately spotted a colorful comic print bandage dress that would have been perfect if it wasn't a large.  It was so perfect I decided to get it anyway.  I ended up having to cut it into a tank right off of Alexis' body; I also had to alter it in the back so it wasn't so loose. Renaldo paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and purple platform sandals.  ... For the performance look we used a studded denim vest Renaldo found. The problem with that vest was that it too was a large. Alexis is an extra small (*sigh).  I didn't have a sewing machine on set; so the next best thing was safety pins. I used at least 50 of them to make the vest fit her like a glove (see above image)

Director, Clifton Bell & Alexis Jordan in the dress I made a tank

Essentially, I typed all this to let aspiring (and even the faux) stylists out here in the world know that the world of Fashion & Wardrobe styling is more than the glitz and glam you see on your favorite reality T.V. shows. It's high-stress & fast paced; but if you love it, it can be one of the greatest careers in the world. ....stay tuned for the video. ....and be sure to buy the song on iTunes. It's called "Hush Hush."