SWANK Work: Dawn Richard of Diddy Dirty Money

I don't think I've ever said this publicly (or made any formal announcements), but I'm Fashion Editor for a new online magazine called, Connect Extra.  The magazine used to be in print, but recently relaunched as online-only.  ...and in that rebuilding, I  really wanted to open with a strong fashion spread.  For my first feature I called my girl, Dawn Richard (from Diddy Dirty Money).  She just released her mixtape "The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart" and has a lot of other things going on (one of them being the Coming Home Tour she's currently on with her group) so my inspiration immediately went to carrying a lot on her shoulders - hence a shoulder story entitled "Shouldering Responsibility" was born.  I could type a lot more and include a ton of BTS pictures; but I had this shoot covered by a dope videographer by the name of Alexander Hooper so I'll let the video talk for me.

....so with that being said, watch what I'm not going to type :)

The spread should be released SUPER soon. I'll make sure to post, of course.