SWANK Work: Fashion & Philanthropy

Fashion and Philanthropy is an awesome weekend of events that showcases fashion for a great cause. Last years events were outstanding; and this year is guaranteed to be bigger & better. Why? - Because I as well as my team will be producing the fashion show and styling all of the fashion campaigns for it.  The first campaign shoot was on Tuesday (shot by by Dave Ellis).  The image will run in The Atlantan as well as Men's Book.  Initially, the shoot was set to take place on a horse farm so I wanted the models to look like they were attending a polo match. The location changed last minute; but I decided to run with my look concept anyway. I used a lot of plaid, gray, and navy; then used some red & green accents to achieve the look I was going for. The female models look is the "Standout Piece" of the shoot. It was custom-made by Laura Brazil.

...lookout for the published image in The Atlantan.