SWANK Work: Konvict Muzik, Money Jay - "Death Row" Video

If you frequent the strip clubs (and "hood spots" as I affectionately refer to them) in Atlanta, I'm sure you've heard the "Death Row" single by Konvict Muzik artist, Money Jay.  I love the ATL Strip. Where else can you stay in tune with what music is hot in the streets while supporting single moms on poles? - LOL.

I had heard the song a few times before and knew the buzz was growing rapidly; so when I got called up to the KonLive office to meet with the President of the label to discuss the project, I already knew what time it was.  In our meeting we discussed a photo shoot for promo materials; but we didn't even touch anything close to a video.  ...so when I got a phone call a week later at 10pm saying the 'video shoot is tomorrow' is was thrown off; but not really surprised. This is exactly how the music industry is.  I always get a call the night before.  If ever I get a call 2 days prior it's like giving me two weeks notice to prepare. LOL.

After all the pressure of pulling off a miracle was gone, I really enjoyed this video because it was more costume design than fashion styling.  The biggest challenge was finding a prison suit in a 3XL and only having 2 hours to do it.  I had to put my thinking cap on and come up with something because a prison suit in that size would have to be ordered (& I wasn't getting nothing shipped to me with only two hours to get the job done).  It's crazy how much of a resemblance medical scrubs bear to prison uniforms. ....so guess what I did:

Yep! I took a sharpie & stencil to a pair of scrubs and called it a day.  The number "30034" is Money Jay's area code - for anyone wondering.

Check out some BTS snaps of the costumes I put together for Money Jay & the extras.  (The video was to be reminiscent of the 1994 NWA movement, so the looks I put together were VERY 1994 Compton):

Me & The Producer goofing off at hour 13. Being on set all day will have you acting crazy. LOL

#stayTUNED for a future post of the final video. Directed by Morocco Vaughn