testing, testing, 1,2,3

From time to time (some times more than others) I do what we in the industry call a 'test'.  Essentially, a test is just as the name describes: it is the act of shooting (or styling, modeling, doing makeup, etc) for the sake of building your portfolio or testing out a new concept.  A paid gig where the client is depending on you to deliver a specific result is NOT the ideal place to try out something you've been pondering on for months. Save it for a test!

I've really been into the whole grunge bit for a while now and I wanted to incorporate some of that into my book ('book' = industry talk for portfolio).  Even though I find beauty in a lot of the most unusual things, I am also still a fan of the conventionally pretty, dainty and feminine things.  I really wanted to combine the two elements of grunge and femininty and see what happened. ...So, Sunday morning I did a three look shoot with photographer, Dane Darden to put this "pretty grungy" inspiration to the test.

Florals coupled with distressed combat boots, various denim pieces and the gritty environs really aided in the feeling I was attempting to convey.

We've had a VERY busy few weeks at #teamSWANK and the month ahead promises an even crazier schedule, so I gave the entire team the day off and tackled this shoot myself.  Sometimes I like styling without my team around because it reminds me of how things used to be when I first started styling. It's kind of cleansing and carefree.  It's like standing at the top of a mountain and taking a deep breath.  ...but then reality strikes and I realize my team keeps me sane. aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhh!!!! - LOL

Ok, enough about my emotions, on to some BTS snaps:

the hike uphill to get to location 1
No team means I'm taking the pics myself. LOL

These floral shorts were my favorite piece from all I pulled

As always, stay tuned for actual images from the shoot.