Dawn Richard - Shouldering Responsibility

Two weeks ago (while on the Atlanta leg of their Coming Home Tour), Dawn Richard took time to shoot with me for Atlanta-based, online publication: Connect Magazine.

Fashion Stylist : Clothing as Poet : Prose (did my analogy just take you back down SAT Question Memory Lane?).  Just as a poet uses his/her words to tell a story, I too wanted to do the same with this spread entitled,  Shouldering Responsibility.  I also chose to stray outside of the traditional box of using the big named designers we have all heard of and showcase the talents of some emerging ones.  No shade, but aren't we tired of seeing celeb shoots and the only thing exciting is the shoes?  It doesn't take a Fashion Stylist to pick out the latest Louboutin's and pair them with the latest Herve Leger bandage dress; the sales associate at Saks Fifth Avenue can do that. #justSAYIN. LOL

All in all, it's always an immense pleasure to work with Dawn. I've never met a person in her position so humble and so considerate; plus she's a comedian #lowkey. ....anywho, enough of my ramblings, peep a preview of the spread:

In case you didn't see the behind the scenes video:

...For the full story & the rest of the images, head over to: Connect Magazine

**and be sure to download Dawn's Mixtape, "The Prelude To A Tell Tale Heart".