Blue Lace Hearts

It's no secret that my signature color is #SWANKblue.  It's my favorite color now; but it hasn't always been that way.  The story is quite funny actually: One random Tuesday almost four years ago while I was in between a flight from New York to Tampa, I stopped in ATL to get my hair done.  I really wanted it to be pink (my REAL favorite color) with purple highlights.  Not sure what went awry in the color bowl but when the stylist dyed my hair it came out blue. I was mortified!  I couldn't do anything about it though because I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight. She assured me she would fix it for free as soon as I got back to Atlanta.  When I got to Tampa, everyone LOVED it. I kept it.  
Since then, my hair has never been another color and will most likely never be another color.  I guess Ola from Olas Handbags had my #SWANKblue mohawk in mind when she decided to send me this amazing bag.  I've been toting it around for an entire week now and can't list the number of compliments I've gotten on it thus far.  #SWANKblue really is an attractive color, huh?  

Bag: Gifted (Olas Handbags) || Shirt & Shorts: Forever21 || Sunglasses: thrifted || Bracelets: H&M || Bra: Victoria's Secret || Shoes: Blake Scott