Same Ole Belt, Just A Different Day

I have this really bad habit of finding something I like and being totally obsessed with it for a while before moving onto the next obsession.  I do it with music (...finally stopped listening to "Azz On The Floor" by Diddy Dirty Money & now I'm playing Drake's "Marvin's Room" 50x a day.), food, rings, etc.  In this case, my compulsion resides with a Kenneth Cole Reaction belt I stole from my brother.   I've been wearing this belt (seen hereand here) so much, you'd think it was my own.  I'm probably going to return it to its rightful owner retire it soon; but before I do, here it is again. 

Blazer: Tahari || Dress: Forever21 || Belt: Kenneth Cole Reaction || Clutch: Louis Vuitton || Ring: Betsey Johnson || Bracelets: Charlotte Russe, Express, H&M || Shoes: Kelly & Katie