Flower Power

My shirt is ridiculously wrinkled but who cares?!  It's Friday!! LOL. Friday's have become synonymous with a short-term, guilt-free, care-free, forget-you-have-responsibilities mentality that I've come to miss. Working in the entertainment industry (and even worse, being an entreprenuer) you don't get to enjoy that T.G.I.F moment that 9-5ers do. Our days are so jumbled up that the weekend just blends in. ...so to everyone waiting till 5pm to get off work and enjoy the weekend, Happy TGIF. ....to those of us who have lost the concept of "the weekend," oh happy day.

Dress: Sans Souci || Shirt: Ralph Lauren || Necklace: Charlotte Russe || Bracelets (Forever 21, Sleeve, Thirteen Crowns, H&M) || Ring: Vintage || Shoes: Bakers

Images Shot by: Marlene Lillian