Geometric Spots

It's the peak of summer and the days in Atlanta are definitely scorching hot. Most days I'd rather not have on any clothes - it's ridiculous. Being that I'm a stylist, I probably shouldn't be caught saying that I want nothing to do with clothes right now. Blame it on the heat; it will have you hallucinating. ..nonetheless my business is still clothes and I must wear them when handling that business.

Blazer: Tahari || Lace Tank: Saks Fifth Ave || Shorts: H&M || Shoes: Mix No. 6 || Necklaces: Forever21 || Clutch: Vintage || Bracelets: Express, H&M, Charlotte Russe || Ring: Thrifted || Nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effects ("Electric Shock" + "Raise A Glass") 

Images Shot by: Marlene Lillian