You See Right Through Me

I've had so many random convos this week about dating and relationships. It seems no matter your gender or even sexuality, relationships in general are difficult. Between people trying to cover up their insecurities with 'being extra'; carrying duffels of emotional baggage; &/or trying to be what they're not; dating can be pretty blah. Between you and me, I absolutely hate it. I think it is cruel and unusual. Which explains why my last real date was circa '06. LOL. Too many times, you have to peel through too many layers to see who people really are. ...What would dating be like if we were all transparent? 

Blazer: H&M || Shirt: Jones New York || Tie: Nicole Miller || Purus Pin: Navier (gifted) || Shorts: Forever 21 || Shoes: High Heel Junkie (gifted) || ring: gift from BFF

Images Shot by: Marlene Lillian