"You've got eyes the color of your dress!"

It's crazy how I'm afraid of heights but I've always dreamed of soaring to great ones. For the longest time I knew the only heights I feared were the physical ones; but after a long talk with Dawn Richard I realized I sometimes have a fear of metaphorical heights. We all do. It's one of the biggest reasons why we ask 'what if' before making a lot of what we think to be life changing decisions. "What if I quit my job and follow my dream," "What if I spend my life savings to start my own company," "What if the critics hate me," "what if," "what if," "what if".  Well, I'll tell you what Dawn told me: You can't let fear stop you from being great. Let it fuel you. ...I'm not sure why I was compelled to share this today; but I'm sure somebody can use the encouragement. Although it's easy to stay in your comfort zone, sometimes you've got to walk out onto the ledge to reach new heights. 

Dress: Calvin Klein || Scarf: Random Find || Bracelets: Express, Charlotte Russe, H&M || Shoes: Christian Louboutin || Sunglasses: Vintage

Images Shot by: Marlene Lillian

....check out a funny video Marlene shot during this shoot: