Devil In A Red Dress

I NEVER wear red. I'm talking about, NEVER. I don't know why; but I've never had an affinity for the color. I don't think it has anything to do with my blue hair either. I just genuinely like to avoid all things red. Nonetheless, I cannot help but to pay respect to the sex factor the color holds (red lips, red corvette, red dress, etc). I stepped out of my comfort zone and donned this red frock. Don't look forward to me doing it often though. This was a one-time only deal (...well, maybe once a year. #babySteps). 

Dress: Calvin Klein || Necklace: Laura's Closet Boutique (gifted) || Bracelets: Lush Jewelry, H&M || Shoes: Mix No 6 || Nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Leopard 

Images Shot by: Marlene Lillian