Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!! I hope everyone had an amazing time bringing theirs in. Although mine had the potential of being a complete disaster (mentally not physically) I had a blast.  This was the first New Year in the history of my life that I did not bring in with my brother and sister. While they were in Times Square watching the ball drop, I was in Los Angeles. I ended up going to a loft party to pre-game and then went to Jamie Fox's house for the countdown into 2012. It was pure pandemonium. My outfit was comprised of a Hanes V-Neck (...all hail wal-mart), some black AA leggings, and a vintage rabbit fur coat. I had a gorgeous sequin dress I was supposed to wear; but I let the stress of others get me into an "I just don't care" mood. Being that I am a fashion stylist by profession, my friends tend to dump their last minute "I don't know what to wear" stresses on me. Majority of them are considerate, some of them are not. So when I rushed into my house from running around all day to discover I only had 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, do makeup and be out of the house; I decided to revolt against all things glittery, traditional, and predictable. The funny thing about it is all the glitter- sparkly-dress wearing girls kept telling me how fierce I was. ...I should rock Hanes more often. LOL

What did you do to bring in your new year? I want to know.