A Lesson In SWANK

I get asked "How did you get your start as a Fashion Stylist?" more times a week than I care to count. My story is not the typical one by any means. Long story short: After going to UGA 4 years straight with no summer vacations and earning several Bachelors degrees in the process (...yeah, I'm a nerd. LOL), I decided to take a year break before continuing on to medical school. In taking that break I met the V.P of A&R at Jive Records at the time (Mickey "MeMpHiTz" Wright, Jr) who asked me to style the newest artist he signed to the label. I had absolutely NO clue what a stylist was and I actually remember replying him with an "I don't do hair" response. I'll never forget the words he said to me after that. His reply was, "Just dress her how you dress." ...sounded simple enough, right? 

Wrong! Less than an hour later I was getting phone calls from the accounting department at Sony BMG asking for my EIN number; account and routing numbers to wire me the shopping budget; what my normal rates were, etc. Needless to say, I was clueless. I scoured the internet to no avail. There was no information anywhere on the business of wardrobe/fashion styling.  Everything I know till this day from Pull Letters, to Deal Memo's, to Tax I.D numbers and Addendum's For Overages, I learned on my own through experience; and I would not trade these lessons in for anything in the world!

I will however share them with the rapidly growing number of aspiring fashion stylists in the world. Thus we have "A Lesson In SWANK," a three-part workshop that teaches everything necessary to start a fashion styling business and stay in business! The latest session was last week in Atlanta, GA. I've partnered up with Microsoft to hold the sessions in the Atlanta store and every session is a complete blast! ...I feel like I've typed enough (...i hate posts with too many words. LOL) so if you would like to learn more about the workshop series, visit www.aLessoninSWANK.com.