Don't Cry. Dry Your Eyes.

White V-Neck: Hanes (via Wal-Mart) || Shorts: Vintage reworked Levi's || Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Jeffery Campbell || Chain on shorts is a necklace tied to belt loops || Earrings: 

Last week was such an emotionally trying time for me. Very rarely do I ever allow myself to fall so deep into a slump that it affects me for longer than a few hours, let alone a week. I'm not going to take you into a long blah,blah,blah of a story because I really only like to spread positive energy, but I will say this: we are all going to face criticism in life (some from people who love you, some from people who hate you). The criticism from the people you love will probably be the hardest to swallow; but recognize when the criticism is turning from something you need to embrace and grow from to something that can no longer be taken as constructive. Hurt people, hurt people (& a lot of times it's not intentional).

Don't dwell in feelings of self-pity.
Don't question your self worth. 
Don't ever let anyone make you feel like less of a person.
Don't be so scared of getting hurt that you don't realize when you are hurting others. 

Everybody is AMAZING in their own special way :)

White V-Neck: Hanes (via Wal-Mart) || Shorts: Vintage Levi's || Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Jeffery Campbell || Chain on shorts is a necklace tied to belt loops || Earrings: || Lip Color: Nars "Dragon Girl"


I legit wore the outfit below to go grocery shopping and take clothes to the cleaners. I'm really something else. LOL
 Vintage Camo Jacket: || Mango Colored Chinos: H&M || Shoes: Exclusive sample (coming soon) || Lip Color: Black Opal concealer in "Honey," topped w. NARS "Gold Digger" gloss

Later that evening: my G.O.O.D friend, Teyana Taylor surprised me with an "I'm in town" phone call and we went out. 

...and we got chased by TMZ. ....he was nice tho :)

God knows I love leggings & tights! I always seem to find myself in a TIGHT SITUATION (I made a funny. hehehehe). ...I went vintage shopping and then grabbed brunch with some girlfriends. 
 Lightweight Men's Bomber Vest: J.A.C.H.S Clothing Co || Black Tank: H&M || Leopard Belt: remi & reid || Tights: Conway (for $9 bucks!!!) || Shoes: Chanel Combat Boots || Lip Color: L'Oreal "Forever Fuschia" with MAC "Myth" in the center.

Yesterday I started getting a ton of tweets and texts about my feature in the Atlanta Tribune. I'm in L.A so I have to wait for a copy to be mailed to me; but someone was kind enough to text me these pictures. The article looks good. I'm so grateful.