A Lesson In Swank ( Charlotte )

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A Lesson In Swank ( Charlotte )


I am Olori Swank; a Celebrity Fashion Stylist. When I first started in this business I had no idea what I was doing. I never had the privilege of assisting or interning under anyone. I learned everything about the business of Fashion Styling the hard way. Back then, I wished there was somewhere I could have gone to learn the ropes; so I created this workshop series. In a few short years, I've dressed the likes of Young Jeezy, T.I, Tyrese, Keyshia Cole, Vivica A. Fox, Christina Milian & Keke Palmer to name a few. Let me teach you what it takes to get started in this business and how to stay on top!



The date of this course is: Feb 27 at 12pm EST

This intensive 3-hour course will teach you every aspect of the fashion styling business from start to finish. You will learn what it really means to be a fashion stylist; how to get started; trade secrets of the top stylists in the business; and how to stay on top in this very competitive business. 

*You will be provided with an all-inclusive e-workbook covering topics such as (but not limited to): 

+ Various job types and how to GET WORK
+ Agencies, Production Companies and Unions
+ How to prep a job (where and how to get clothes) 
+ Determining rates and utilizing your budgets wisely
+ Paperwork (invoices, L.O.R, Request For Advance, etc) 
+ Building your portfolio and prop kit
+ Branding yourself as an industry "go to stylist"

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