101: Blueprint for a Swank Life

101: Blueprint for a Swank Life

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As humans, we tend to focus on our destination while losing sight of the scenery along the journey. We cannot properly appreciate the finish line without the lessons learned during the race. 101: The Blueprint For A SWANK Life is a compilation of real-world advice from the incomparable Olori Swank. The chapters of this guide range from Fashion and Style, to Finance, to Entrepreneurship, to Dating and Relationships. Swank gives us candid insight into topics such as: 

  • Staple items every woman should have in her wardrobe
  • How to achieve perfect eyebrows
  • Running a successful business + Tools for Entrepreneurs
  • Workout tips + A 30-Day meal plan
  • Maintaining a healthy and loving long distance relationship
  • How to build a massive following on Social Media

Through this advice guide comprised of 101 questions, answers, and life tips, Olori provides the foundation for her readers to navigate through life, and endure any trials and tribulations that may occur along the way.

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"Olori’s book is a reminder that you need to always pour into yourself and give yourself the life/love you want. This book is filled with tips, advice, and reminders on how to be successful in every part of your life.!" - Karen Civil.

"Olori is the TRUTH." - Danielle Q.

Loved this book!!!! I tell all my friends about it. Thanks for the insight. ...Sooooo good!  - Roc Q.

I bought this book worth the money 🙌 she cuts straight to the point 💙. - @facebynikki

I've highlighted every single page and even made tabs throughout with sticky notes. This book is a bible for me. I have not seen a better guide for being a well-rounded woman and BOSS! From cooking tips, hair & makeup, fashion (of course!), dating and running a business. I swear Olori gave thousands of dollars worth of info in this book. It's worth so much more than the $24.99 - Miracle W.